Top 2017 posts in the battle against potholes

We had some fun writing for this website in 2017. In addition to our  case studies, which detail concrete road projects around the state, the posts ranged from one city’s fight against potholes to the dangers potholes pose for EMTs and paramedics as they race to the hospital.

Here are our Top picks for 2017. Take a look:

1. Worthington battling potholes on two fronts

Like many public works crews across Minnesota, Worthington city crews spend a lot of time filling potholes. Last spring, the Worthington Daily Globe reported that city crews spend a week of non-stop pothole filling to put a Band-Aid on the problem every spring and summer. But that’s not all. In its fight to reduce potholes, the city has begun to pave more streets with concrete. Read more.

2. How a Mustang is like a concrete street

Mustangs are not cheap cars, but they are well built and last a long time. In this blog post, Editor Renee McGivern likens her 2005 investment in a Mustang to city or county’s investments in concrete streets. Like her Mustang, she notes concrete may cost more than asphalt on the front end, but concrete streets are high performing and built to last. See the post.

3. Infographic makes it easy to see the cost of roads

This infographic compares the initial and “life cycle” costs of asphalt and concrete on a one-mile stretch of road. It includes the projected costs of potholes repairs, as well. The end result is that after 20 years, concrete costs a bit less. By the end of 40 years, the costs of maintaining that road will be fairly even. Check it out.

4. EMTs, paramedics know dangers of potholes

Add emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics to the list of folks who know the dangers of potholes. On the roads, it’s difficult for ambulance drivers – seeking the quickest way possible to an emergency call — to avoid the bumps, let alone pothole-riddled roads. Take a look.